Sinatra, Physicians, and Appointments

This is a tale about Sinatra. Nope, not that one. This one is about the other one. The Ruby Gem Sinatra. At first, he was a pain in the behind but as we got to know each other, we started to get along. I realized that Sinatra was a great tool and the methods that it provided were not only less verbose but easier to handle.

The pros

  1. Sinatra did way more than I expected. like building models and tables and controllers.
  2. I liked how it inspired me to think about other future projects and how I could implement this tool to build them.

The cons

  1. I got stuck in knowing where to put what method and who belonged to whom.
  2. It produced more than I needed so, It became a little messy, and I had to erase a lot of files.

My advice:

Ask for help even when you feel like you shouldn’t. A little question here and there never killed any software engineer. LOL.

Thanks for reading happy coding!